So You Want to Be a Teacher: The Bad News

Truth here, friends. A fair and well-communicated perspective.

The Creative Writing MFA and Beyond

(This is a two part blog detailing the pros and cons of a life in education as a writer. The previous blog discusses some of the many reasons to pursue a career in education.)

While many industries seek strong writers, teaching continues to be the implied goal of an MFA grad. In many ways it seems cushy and comfortable and familiar, and a perfect fit for a writer. As a former middle and high school teacher and a current GTA, I have come to realize that a career in education is not nearly as cushy as I once thought. These are some of the things I’ve learned while being a teacher and a writer.

1. Time off is theoretical.

Although the idea of ending work at 3 PM as a secondary-school teacher, or having your first class at noon as an instructor, seems like it offers a daily stretch of…

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