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Returning to Twitter

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Yes, I confess: I’m one of those souls who, years ago, abandoned the bluebird of sadness that was Twitter. My departure wasn’t for political reasons; in truth, my feed had become an irrelevant melange of contentious clickbait, needless anger, and overt falsehood, most of which was apolitical, but all of which was stressful. It was one more thing I didn’t need in my life. And sure, I’d read all the articles about “authors needing a social media presence/platform,” but this wasn’t worth it. So much silent screen-screaming. So many civil and sensible voices unheard. No thank you. I got out.

Now there’s a new sheriff in town, and whether one thinks he’s an eccentric innovator or an international villain, I believe he deserves a chance. I’d like to see his new approach to a platform plagued by previous years of lopsided representation, disinterest from youth, and middle-class disengagement. Who knows? Maybe even “literary Twitter” will become inclusive for once. That’s a steep hill to climb, Elon.

All this is to say I’d like a few followers. I’m on Twitter @poetjohndavisjr. If you’re still there (or newly there), please follow my feed for occasional updates about things I’ll try to keep relevant.