Welcome and Introduction

Hello, and thank you for stopping by my site. Here, you’ll find information about me, John Davis Jr., and my poetry and writing. Primarily, I write poetry that reflects my Florida background and lifestyle. Most of my pieces deal with “The Real Florida,” not the postcard-picture stereotypes that most people conjure up mentally when they hear my home state’s name in passing. My people have been here for the last six generations. We fought in the Civil War, farmed our own land, and even today, we continue many of the proud traditions of our agrarian forebears. To learn a little more about me, please choose a link from the menu above: “About” or “Publication and Awards History” should do just fine. Occasionally, I’ll post a little something here inspired by the writing life. As my bio states, I am currently a student in the MFA program at University of Tampa. Some posts may be motivated by specific assignments, but mostly, this is a place to reflect and express my thoughts on writing and poetry in particular. Stay tuned, folks. The best is yet to come.

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