Beggars and Choosers

pencilsSure, you’ve heard that old expression, too — “Beggars can’t be choosers.” Today, I come to you as the former hoping that you will be the latter. Let me explain:

After the recent publication of my book, I began almost immediately writing more poems and getting them published. At current count, I’m up to 24 new pieces, many of which have been published in respected literary journals. However, to continue this streak, I need some assistance.

I don’t often use this blog to solicit funds, as a general rule. I don’t plaster it up with ads for bookstores or Big Macs. And the reason I don’t monetize this site more (aside from a page where you can buy my books) is because I like for it to be a clean slate of expression. That is, I don’t read other people’s thoughts because I sense they might sell me something on their site, and I don’t expect you to read mine with that expectation, either. It isn’t a morality-based decision, just a personal one.

So today, when I ask for a hand-up, I’d like to think that some of you loyal readers out there in the blogosphere or the literary community will take me up on the offer. Here’s the thing — I’ve started a fundraising page at Patreon.com, where you can donate a small or large amount to help keep my poetry thriving. Monies collected will allow me to attend writing conferences and retreats, pay submission and reading fees, and generally assist in the everyday operations of poetry writing (ink cartridges are awfully expensive, you know).

Here’s the link: http://www.patreon.com/user?u=410644

In return for your donation, I will produce new poems for the collection. Also, big donors receive gifts and perks — see the patreon page for specifics. I hope you’ll donate and keep my poetry flowing. Your donations appreciated!


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